William Kostka


William Kostka is executive director of Micronesia Conservation Trust, a charitable corporation organized to support biodiversity conservation and related sustainable development for the people of Micronesia. Kostka used his Pew fellowship grant to help launch and further the implementation of the Micronesia Challenge, a common commitment by the countries and territories of Micronesia to create a comprehensive system of resilient protected areas networks. This commitment will see at least 30 percent of the nearshore marine resources and 20 percent of the forest resources across Micronesia under effective conservation by 2020. The protected areas networks, which are being improved and expanded under the Micronesia Challenge framework, will strengthen and coordinate the role of protected areas and their relevance to the management of Micronesia’s important natural resources and ecosystems. As part of this initiative, Kostka and others launched the Micronesia Challenge Internship Program, which provides scholarships and leadership training to 10 of Micronesia’s brightest individuals to prepare the next generation of conservation “champions” in the region. To learn more about Kostka, visit his bio online. http://cbey.yale.edu/people-partners/willy-kostka

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