Rodney M. Fujita, Ph.D.

Rodney Fujita
Director of Research and Development
Environmental Defense Fund

7011 Homewood Drive
City, State, Zip
Oakland, California 94611
[email protected]
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Rodney Fujita is director of ocean research and development for the Environmental Defense Fund in its San Francisco office. Fujita used his Pew fellowship to research, write about, and publicize concerns about marine ecosystems. In the first two years of his project, he explored methods of integrating socioeconomic data into an analysis of marine reserve impacts and the effects of underwater mining on deep-sea biota. Related to this work, he has written a paper for the journal Marine Policy and a book, Heal the Ocean. In his book, Fujita describes the nature of ocean environments and discusses current and emerging threats, including pollution, overfishing, poor land use, deep-sea mining and the search for new energy sources. The book urges society to build upon efforts that have successfully countered such threats.

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