Erdal Özhan, Ph.D.


Erdal Özhan, Ph.D.
Erdal Ozhan
Professor and Chairman
Mugla University, MEDCOAST, Faculty of Engineering
Catalcam Cad, No.52
City, State, ZIP
Akyaka, Mugla 48000
[email protected], [email protected]
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Özhan used his Pew Fellowship to incorporate MEDCOAST as a formal non-profit organization and is now enhancing its capacity and scope of activities. Since receipt of the fellowship, MEDCOAST has launched an annual international training program for beach management in the Black Sea, conducted the MEDCOAST Conference on Wind and Wave Climate in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, initiated the MEDCOAST 99-EMCES 99 joint conference (November 1999), continues to expand its annual International Training Program on Integrated Coastal Management in the Mediterranean and Black Sea and is planning a comprehensive Integrated Coastal Management project for submission to the European Union.

MEDCOAST has also been a collaborative organizing entity in a number of regional activities, including the 1997 AAAS symposium "Religion, Science and Environment: Black Sea in Crisis", the 1997 International Conference on Water Problems in Mediterranean Countries, the 1998 First International Workshop on Cooperation between Mediterranean Countries, the 1998 International Conference on Ports and the Coast and the 1998 International Conference on Education and Training in Integrated Coastal Area Management. In addition, in cooperation with 1996 Pew Fellow Karen Eckert, Erdal launched MEDSETCON—the Mediterranean Sea Turtle Conservation Network, which is co-sponsored by UNEP.


Erdal Özhan has been a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Middle East Technical University in Turkey for more than 20 years, where he specializes in water and coastal engineering. In 1978, Özhan established the Coastal and Harbor Engineering Research Center, now called the Ocean Engineering Research Center, and directed it for many years in addition to managing the Coastal Engineering Laboratory, which he still oversees.

Throughout his professional life, Özhan has been actively involved in international scientific and professional circles. He began working on two parallel national and regional initiatives in 1990, focusing on coastal and marine conservation through improved coastal management practices. He launched the Turkish National Committee on Coastal Management in January 1993. He also established the regional MEDCOAST initiative in November the same year by organizing the first MEDCOAST conference. Özhan has led both initiatives since 1993 and has been responsible for the organization of numerous national and international programs and projects in research, training and scientific and professional communication.





Ph.D., Asian Institute of Technology
1975: Coastal Engineering, Thailand

Master of Science, Asian Institute of Technology
1972: Coastal Engineering, Thailand

Bachelor of Science, Middle East Technical University
1970: Civil Engineering, Turkey


European Center on Insular Coastal Dynamics
1996-Present: Scientific Advisory Committee

International EMCES Center, Program and Scientific Committee
1996-Present: Member

International Center for Coastal and Ocean Policy Studies (ICCOPS), Scientific Committee
1994-Present: Vice Chair

Journal of Coastal Conservation
1994-Present: Editorial Board

Turkish National Committee on Coastal Zone Management
1993-Present: Founder and Chair

Journal of Coastal and Ocean Management
1992-Present: Editorial Board


Marine Fellow
1997: Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation

NATO SfS Program Research Award

NATO Collaborative Research Program Fellowship

NATO CCMS Fellowship

Award of Merit
1992: METU Subaqua Society


American Society of Civil Engineers

Eurocoast Association

European Union for Coastal Conservation

International Association for Hydraulic Research

International Coastal & Ocean Organization

Permanent International Association for Navigational Congresses

Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers


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