Peter A. Espeut, M.Phil.


Peter A. Espeut, M.Phil.
Executive Director (Retired)
Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation

11 Reef Avenue
City, State, ZIP
Harbour View, Kingston 17
[email protected]
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Peter Espeut founded the Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation (C-CAM) to lobby the Jamaican government to create the Portland Bight Protected Area (PBPA). Espeut used his Pew fellowship to strengthen the member organizations of the Portland Bight Fisheries Management Council (PBFMC). His project included training and support for meetings; employment of field support staff, including animators and marine rangers; implementation of selected fisheries management strategies including the buy-back of some damaging gear; production of educational videos on fisheries management and related issues; and the introduction of environmental tourism as an alternative source of income for fishers. These efforts were designed to empower local small-scale fishers to join in a co-management partnership with the government of Jamaica, recreational fishers, and other stakeholders. As a result of his work, a suite of fisheries management regulations were drafted by the PBFMC and ratified by the member fishers’ organizations. Espeut was also able to help negotiate and resolve a number of conflicts between fishers and shipping interests. In addition, his Pew fellowship supported game warden training for approximately 40 fishers who are now authorized by the Jamaican government to enforce natural resource regulations in the PBPA. This peer enforcement program provides great incentive and hope for solid protection of the area.

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