two seals swimming under the ice
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Southern Ocean Sanctuaries Campaign

The Southern Ocean Sanctuaries Campaign seeks to conserve the most intact marine ecosystem on the planet as habitat for a broad range of species and as a living laboratory for important scientific research by:

  • Working to establish large no-take marine reserves in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean.
  • Protecting the breeding and foraging grounds of the predator populations that thrive in the Southern Ocean. Many of these species face increasing and imminent threats from climate change and ocean warming.
  • Ensuring protection of spawning grounds for Patagonian toothfish and other fish species.
  • Safeguarding critical marine seascapes such as seamounts, ridges, and troughs.
  • Protecting the breeding and foraging grounds of emperor, Adélie, and gentoo penguins and crabeater, Weddell, and Antarctic fur seals.
  • Providing a refuge for whale, seal, and fish populations that are still recovering from historical overexploitation.

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