Protections Approved for More Than 100 Caribbean Fish Species

Pew Environment Group lauds proactive approach to prevent overfishing

Holly Binns, director of the Pew Environment Group's Southeast and U.S. Caribbean Fish Conservation Campaign, issued the following statement today in response to the Caribbean Fishery Management Council's unanimous approval of plans to prevent overfishing of more than 100 species by setting science-based catch limits.

U.S. Caribbean Fish Conservation Campaign

“The council has taken a forward-looking approach that allows managers to set scientifically sound fishing limits now before species suffer population declines. This proactive strategy is necessary to avoid what happened with Nassau grouper, which is in such severe trouble that a fishing moratorium began in 2002 to save the species.

“This plan will help avert steeper restrictions in the future, setting a course towards restoring a healthy, balanced ocean ecosystem. It is like visiting the doctor for preventive care, rather than waiting until you end up in the emergency room.”

For more details about the plan, please download our fact sheet:

*Download a Spanish translation of this press release.

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