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Michelle Grady
Michelle Grady
Protecting Australia's Nature
The Pew Charitable Trusts


Michelle Grady directs Pew’s work in Australia, collaborating with conservation, science, and community partners to secure protection for the nation’s natural heritage on land and sea. Her previous efforts at Pew included working to create the Australian Network of Marine Parks, the Great Kimberley Marine Park, development of the Northern Territory’s Coast and Marine Management Strategy, and successful advocacy for the 30% no-take marine protection targets at World Conservation and World Parks congresses.

Before joining Pew, Grady’s nearly three decades of environmental work focused on conservation advocacy, management of nongovernmental organizations, and policy development at state, national, and international levels, including work with the Conservation Council of South Australia, the Australian Conservation Foundation, WWF Australia, WDC/Whale and Dolphin Conservation, and Conservation Volunteers Australia. She also worked in government, politics, and the corporate sector, and is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s World Commission.

Grady holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature, Australian history, and politics from Adelaide University and a graduate diploma in business administration from the University of South Australia.

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