Michael Williams


Michael Williams
Michael Williams
Senior Manager
Public Safety Performance Project


Michael Williams is a senior manager with Pew’s public safety performance project, which advances data-driven, fiscally sound policies and practices that protect public safety, ensure accountability, and control costs in the adult and juvenile justice systems. In this role, he oversees juvenile policy and leads the jail and community supervision portfolios, supporting justice reform efforts in several states, including Michigan, Arizona, Utah, and Pennsylvania.

Before coming to Pew, Williams was the deputy associate director for operations at the Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia, where he was responsible for overseeing risk assessment, supervision, and treatment operations. In his two-decade career in government, Williams developed numerous program and system enhancements to improve public safety in the District of Columbia.

Williams holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in public administration from American University.