Maximiliano Sepúlveda


Maximiliano Sepúlveda
Maximiliano Sepulveda
Maximiliano Sepúlveda
Senior Officer
Chilean Patagonia


Maximiliano Sepúlveda helps lead Pew’s Chilean Patagonia program, focusing on efforts to improve the conservation and management of Chile’s national parks in Patagonia—a key objective for the Chilean program. This work includes supporting the Corporación Nacional Forestal—the Chilean Forest Service and Protected Areas Agency (CONAF), where he works to improve the management of Chilean Patagonia’s 18 national parks and establish biodiversity and human well-being goals and strategies for each location.

Before coming to Pew, Sepúlveda served as an officer at CONAF, where he managed the protected areas planning and conservation department.

Sepúlveda holds a master of science degree in animal health from the Universidad Austral de Chile and a Ph.D. in veterinary sciences—animal population health from the University of Minnesota. He lives in Santiago.