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How Much Do You Know About Wildlife Migration and Free-Flowing Rivers?

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Agenda for America

A collection of resources to help federal, state, and local decision-makers set an achievable agenda for all Americans

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Data-driven policymaking is not just a tool for finding new solutions for emerging challenges, it makes government more effective and better able to serve the public interest. In the coming months, President Joe Biden and the 117th Congress will tackle a number of environmental, health, public safety, and fiscal and economic issues—nearly all of them complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help solve specific, systemic problems in a nonpartisan fashion, Pew has compiled a series of briefings and recommendations based on our research, technical assistance, and advocacy work across America.

Lands and Rivers
Lands and Rivers

5 Reasons the U.S. Needs Free-Flowing Rivers

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Free-flowing rivers are the lifeblood of wild landscapes, providing habitat and food to myriad aquatic and terrestrial plant and animal species. Rivers are also the source of more than two-thirds of the drinking water in the United States, yet fewer than 1 percent of those waterways fall under federal or state protection.

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