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  • Fall 2019
  • Congress Passes the Largest Conservation Bill in a Decade
  • 10 Years After Great Recession Ends States Still Feel Its Effects
  • Philadelphia: A City In Motion
  • What a Difference a Decade Makes
  • The Big Picture
  • Noteworthy
  • The Role of Efficient Regulation in Building Vibrant Economies
  • The World’s Population Is Projected to Nearly Stop Growing by the End of the Century
  • Public Sees Benefits to Resolving Civil Court Cases Online
  • New Jersey Reform Leader Says Better Data Strengthened Bail System
  • Using Data to Help Improve Public Pensions
  • Religious Views on Evolution Depends on How They’re Asked
  • Housing Crunch Sends Bigger Populations to Smaller Towns
  • Return on Investment
  • Improving Public Policy
  • Informing The Public
  • Invigorating Civic Life
  • Screen Time Increasing For Older Americans
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The Big Picture
Nick Hawkins

A school of American sand lance swims off the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Canada is home to the world’s largest shoreline—some 151,000 miles—as well as some of the largest riverine systems, which had been managed by the same fisheries legislation for more than 150 years. But in June, Canada enacted a new fisheries law, one that incorporates Indigenous knowledge and improves and modernizes how the nation manages its fisheries. Pew has begun working in the Atlantic waters off Canada to conserve the rich diversity of life and rebuild depleted fish species through partnerships with Canada-based scientists, conservation and fishing organizations, Indigenous communities, and government agencies.

Noteworthy What a Difference a Decade Makes