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Invigorating Civic Life

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  • Fall 2019
  • Congress Passes the Largest Conservation Bill in a Decade
  • 10 Years After Great Recession Ends States Still Feel Its Effects
  • Philadelphia: A City In Motion
  • What a Difference a Decade Makes
  • The Big Picture
  • Noteworthy
  • The Role of Efficient Regulation in Building Vibrant Economies
  • The World’s Population Is Projected to Nearly Stop Growing by the End of the Century
  • Public Sees Benefits to Resolving Civil Court Cases Online
  • New Jersey Reform Leader Says Better Data Strengthened Bail System
  • Using Data to Help Improve Public Pensions
  • Religious Views on Evolution Depends on How They’re Asked
  • Housing Crunch Sends Bigger Populations to Smaller Towns
  • Return on Investment
  • Improving Public Policy
  • Informing The Public
  • Invigorating Civic Life
  • Screen Time Increasing For Older Americans
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Invigorating Civic Life
Visitors tour the expansive new interactive digital wall at Philadelphia’s Independence Visitor Center.
D. King for Bluecadet

Philadelphia’s visitor center receives an upgrade

The Independence Visitor Center, a gateway to the Philadelphia region for 2.5 million visitors annually, completed a three-year, $15 million renovation to its building on Independence Mall in May. A new 42-foot-long digital touchscreen “concierge wall” allows patrons to search for area attractions, and a new cafe, expanded event space, and a larger gift shop help make the center more economically self-sufficient. The center’s changes aim to address the substantial increase in Philadelphia tourism from 27.7 million domestic visitors in 2001 to a record 45 million U.S. and international visitors in 2018. Pew helped establish the center in 2001 and supported its latest enhancements with a $500,000 grant in March 2017.

Pew arts fellows receive recognition  

The work of Pew Fellows in the Arts continues to reach national and international audiences. The documentary film of 2018 fellow Jonathan Olshefski, “Quest: A Portrait of an American Family,” which follows one Philadelphia family for nearly a decade, was nominated for a Peabody Award. The Peabody Awards recognize “the stories that matter” across TV, radio, and digital media. Other fellows currently showing in major international exhibitions include Alex Da Corte (2012) at the Venice Biennale, Tiona Nekkia McClodden (2016) at the Whitney Biennial, Camae Ayewa and Rasheedah Phillips (2017) at the Chicago Architecture Biennial, Ryan Trecartin (2009) at Fondazione Prada in Milan, Sharon Hayes (2016) at Stockholm’s Moderna Museet, and Geoff Sobelle (2006) and Jennifer Kidwell (2016) at the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Screen Time Increasing For Older Americans Informing The Public
America’s Overdose Crisis
America’s Overdose Crisis

America’s Overdose Crisis

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America’s Overdose Crisis

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37 Scientists Pioneering the Future of Biomedical Research

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Biomedical researchers are at the heart of nearly every medical advancement. From cutting-edge cancer treatments to breakthrough discoveries about emerging viruses, these scientists use creativity and ingenuity to explore new horizons in human health and medicine. And for nearly 40 years, The Pew Charitable Trusts has supported more than 1,000 early-career researchers committed to this work.

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Learn the Basics of Broadband from Our Limited Series

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How does broadband internet reach our homes, phones, and tablets? What kind of infrastructure connects us all together? What are the major barriers to broadband access for American communities?