Our Ocean

Protect and conserve our blue planet

The ocean is vital to life on Earth. It connects and sustains us in multiple ways. And it currently faces major threats.

In celebration of World Ocean Day we call on leaders around the world to protect and conserve our marine environment  for humanity.

The ocean shows her beauty
In each and every wave
She is boundless, bold, and brave.

Beneath the surface
Deep within her waters
And along her shores roam
Millions of creatures that call her home.

With every ebb and flow
We know
She brings life
And brings joy
She transports us
And transforms us
She brings nourishment
And flourishment.

Her gifts to us are all that we need
To eat,
To live,
To breathe.

Let us honor her with action
Her future won’t wait
It’s not too late.

One drop in the ocean
Can cause a ripple effect
A wave of change and respect
Once put in motion

Together, we can protect our ocean.

Over 100 countries around the world have committed to conserving our ocean.

Help us conserve and protect at least 30% of our global ocean by 2030.

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