Global Efforts to Protect Sharks

Shark video

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Sharks are essential to the health of the world’s oceans.  They play an important role in maintaining balance in global marine ecosystems, and also support the livelihoods and culture of populations in every corner of the world.

Despite the critical role they play in our oceans, over half of known shark and ray species are in jeopardy, with at least 63 million and as many as 273 million sharks killed in commercial fisheries every year.  Recovery from such huge declines is difficult due to sharks maturing late and having few young.

But the momentum to properly manage sharks is building – and making a difference. Over the past nine years, 17 countries have declared their national waters safe for sharks, and 20 highly valued species have received international trade restrictions. See how countries around the world are collaborating to ensure these creatures thrive. 

This video was supported by a grant from Conservation Media Group.

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