What is Clean Energy?

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What is Clean Energy?

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Clean energy can help to create jobs, protect our national security, stimulate private investment and invigorate manufacturing. Sharing their bi-partisan agreement in this short video, former Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) and Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-Mich.) discuss why America needs a national clean energy policy.

Since 2009 Sen. Warner has served as a senior adviser to the Pew Project on National Security, Energy and Climate. He and Pew have traveled to more than 20 cities to raise awareness about dependence on foreign oil and climate change impacts, including those that put our men and women in uniform at risk. The Pew Project highlights the climate-security nexus in order to advance discussions and formulate solutions about the critical linkages between national security, energy independence, the economy and climate change.

Gov. Granholm is a senior adviser to the Pew Clean Energy Program and engaged in a national campaign -- "Clean Power, Good Jobs, Energy Independence" sponsored by Pew -- to highlight how clean energy policies can help grow jobs and enhance America's competitiveness in the global clean energy race. Granholm and Pew meet with government, non-profit and business leaders and visit clean energy manufacturing and implementation sites to showcase effective state policies and the benefits of the clean energy economy.