Philadelphia 2016

The state of the city

Philadelphia 2016: The State of the City
Philadelphia is undergoing a sweeping transformation© The Pew Charitable Trusts

Philadelphia in 2016 is a growing city undergoing a sweeping transformation, most evident in the age and diversity of those who live here.

The city’s population has risen for nine consecutive years, up another 5,880 in the most recent count. The increase since 2006 stands at 78,732, a stark reversal after a decrease of nearly 600,000 over the previous five decades.

More compelling, though, are some of the factors that underlie the Philadelphia’s growth, even as challenges remain. This report examines key indicators of the city’s condition and is an update to Pew’s more comprehensive Philadelphia 2015: The State of the City.

Among the key findings:

The number of millennials in Philadelphia is skyrocketing
Philadelphia's unemployment rate is at its lowest level since 2007
Sales of residential units in Philadelphia reached their highest level since 2008
Philadelphia's percentage of foreign-born residents is near the national average
Percent of Philadelphians with college degrees is rising
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Philadelphia 2015: The State of the City

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This report is a comprehensive look at Philadelphia by the numbers. It examines key indicators of the city’s condition—including jobs, public safety, education, housing, government, and transportation—and features select results from Pew’s most recent citywide poll. Although many of the statistics show that Philadelphia is moving in a positive direction, the analysis reveals that significant issues remain.