2008 Portfolio

The arts and cultural sector is one of Southeastern Pennsylvania's strongest assets. The 2008 Portfolio examines the vibrancy, value, and vulnerability of the cultural community for civic leaders, policymakers, cultural organizations, and the general public.

Two years ago, the first edition of Portfolio was lauded as a landmark study that documented the breadth, dversity, and well-being of Southeastern Pennsylvania's nonprofit cultural resources.

Building on the first report, the 2008 Portfolio offers:

More Participating Organizations

Thirty-three percent more organizations are included in the 2008 Portfolio, raising the total number to 281. Several new Very Large and Large organizations are included, ensuring that the analysis offered in the 2008 Portfolio is drawn from even more complete programmatic and financial information.

New Topics and Analyses

Children and school groups, health care costs, and internet fundraising are among the new topics presented in the 2008 Portfolio.

Ten-year Trend Analysis

How has the landscape changed for cultural organizations over the last decade? Using data collected for the 1998 report Greater Philadelphia's Competitive Edge, we are able, in the 2008 Portfolio, to track changes over time for a subset of 108 organizations in this report.

Read the 2008 Portfolio's Summary Report. The full report is below.