2008 State Elections: What's at Stake?

The historic battle for the White House may be grabbing most of the headlines, but plenty of state races and major ballot measures also could be nail-biters this November — and the results could have national implications.
Stateline.org today is launching a new 2008 interactive guide to help voters keep track of the 11 gubernatorial, 11 attorneys general and seven secretary of state races and more than 100 high-profile statewide ballot measures that range from rolling back affirmative action and banning same-sex marriage to legalizing assisted suicide for the terminally ill. 
Stateline.org's guide currently includes 132 statewide questions, including 18 that are still pending certification or facing legal challenge, but there could be more on the slate come November. Several states, including Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, North Dakota and Ohio, are still verifying signatures and validating initiatives, so check back with Stateline.org often for updates through Election Day, Nov. 4.

Read the complete report 2008 State Elections: What's at Stake? on Stateline.org.

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