The State of the States 2008

The State of the States 2008

The 2008 edition of's annual survey of trends includes:

Politics: States share national spotlight in 2008

Health care: A tale of two states — how their universal health efforts have fared

Gambling: Proliferation of gambling sets off an 'arms race' among states

Stem cell: Wanted: stem-cell scientists to grow state economies

Infrastructure: The state of the union — crumbling

National Guard: For America's warriors, new help at home

Education: Testing the system — Do all states make the grade?

Immigration: On the front lines — States rush to fill the void on immigration policy

Supreme Court: Lethal injection, voter ID top state concerns on docket

And briefs on hot topics such as ‘Romeo and Juliet' laws, prison overcrowding, campus security, subprime mortgage crisis, global warming, same-sex marriage, the Real ID Act, and abortion.