Philadelphia 2007: Prospects and Challenges

Philadelphia 2007: Prospects and Challenges

A study released by The Pew Charitable Trusts, entitled Philadelphia 2007: Prospects and Challenges, evaluates Philadelphia's strengths and weaknesses relative to six comparable American cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh.

The Pew-commissioned study, written by Basil J. Whiting with Tony Proscio, defines the factors that are working for and against these cities and identifies issues that most affect their future trajectories.

Download the report sections below:

 Part 1 - Forward, Acknowledgements, Background and General Findings. Pages 1 -11. (PDF, 694K)     
 Part 2 - The Philadelphia Case Study. Pages 12-31. (PDF, 521K)     
 Part 3 - Appendix 1 and Appendix 2  - Summaries of Comparison Cities and About the Authors. Pages 32-36. (PDF, 347K)

For additonal related information, see Comparative Analysis of Philadelphia Conditions and Trends, prepared by the Urban Institute.

This report was released by Pew prior to the existence of the Philadelphia Research Initiative.