Leadership Matters: Governors' Pre-K Proposals Fiscal Year 2007

Leadership Matters: Governors' Pre-K Proposals Fiscal Year 2007
The following is an excerpt from the Introduction of Leadership Matters: Governors' Pre-K Proposals Fiscal Year 2007:

"In states across the nation, smart governors, Republican and Democrat alike, ushered in 2006 with bold leadership in the movement for high-quality, voluntary pre-kindergarten for all. This year, 24 governors – as compared with 17 in 2005 – named early education as a priority in their state of the state addresses, and most backed their rhetoric with pre-k funding increases, totaling nearly $250 million. These leaders understand that when children arrive prepared for kindergarten, public schools, state economies, and, most importantly, children benefit.

These gubernatorial commitments were bolstered by a welcome trend: favorable state-revenue forecasts. Forty-eight of the 50 states are likely to enjoy stable or growing incomes for the remainder of FY06.1 As this year's midterm elections gear up, research shows that voters overwhelmingly support state funding for pre-k and the growing numbers of policymakers who champion it,2 facts that promise to enlist and elect still more committed pre-k leaders.

With Leadership Matters, Pre-K Now examines the pre-k proposals of governors around the country. We commend the innovative and tenacious and expose the intransigent and uninspired. This year, we begin with three governors who have stepped up to lead their states on pre-k."

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