The State of the News Media 2005

The State of the News Media 2005 is the second in an annual effort to provide people with a new resource—a comprehensive look each year at the state of American journalism.

Produced by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, this report builds on the first effort in 2004. The data from the initial report has been updated, and new sources added. The project's goal, as it was last year, is to put in one place as much original and aggregated data as possible about each of the major sectors of journalism in the United States. Previously, these data were either unavailable or scattered among disparate sources across many organizations.

The report covers nine media: network television, cable television, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, radio, local TV, ethnic media and the alternative press.

For each area, the project produced original research and aggregated existing data into a comprehensive look at six different issues:

  • A sense of the editorial content
  • Audience trends
  • Economic trends
  • Ownership trends
  • Newsroom investment trends
  • Data on public attitudes about that sector

Read the full report The State of the News Media 2005 on the Project's Web site.

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