Lowry Corridor, Phase 2


Lowry Corridor, Phase 2
Location Minneapolis Minnesota
Organization Hennepin County Planning and Public Health

The HIA addressed the health impacts of the planned Phase 2 reconstruction of the Lowry Avenue Corridor, a five-mile thoroughfare located north of downtown Minneapolis. Some of the influences on health explored in the HIA included social and cultural change as the economic characteristics of the neighborhood evolve; employment and economy; environmental issues, such as air pollution; and opportunities for physical activity. The HIA recommended: 1) additional incorporation of landscaped, well-designed boulevards that are likely to encourage neighbors to spend more time outside, thereby improving social cohesion and reducing crime and violence; 2) improved public transit, which helps promote physical activity and can help reduce air pollution; and 3) physical changes in roadway design to improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists.

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At A Glance
  • Status:
  • Publication date:
    2007, December
  • Decision-making levels:
  • Sectors:
    Planning and zoning
  • Additional topic areas:
    Active transportation, Economic development, Public transit
  • Drivers of health:
    Clean air and water, Community safety, Cultural well-being, Diet and physical activity, Employment, Family and social support, Safe and affordable public transit, Safe street infrastructure
  • Affected populations:
    Chronic health conditions, Economically disadvantaged
  • Community types:
  • Research methods:
    Primary research, Qualitative research
  • Funding source:
    Other funding