Healthy Neighborhoods for a Healthy Detroit

Location Detroit Michigan
Organization Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center

Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center conducted a health impact assessment to inform the Detroit Future City’s Strategic Framework, a plan to guide land use planning for the city.

The HIA addressed the potential impact on high-vacancy neighborhoods of the framework’s proposals for public lighting and blight removal. The report presented evidence-based recommendations to minimize risks and maximize benefits for health, including adopting responsible demolition standards, producing and preserving affordable housing and protections for homeowners and renters, and requiring that large-scale development proposals feature plans and resources to promote healthy neighborhoods and equity.

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The Health Impact Project’s toolkit contains resources that help communities, agencies, and other organizations take action to improve public health. The toolkit offers a collection of health impact assessments, guides, and other research to support policymakers’ efforts to consider health when making decisions across sectors, such as housing, planning, and education.

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At A Glance
  • Status:
  • Completion Date:
    2015, October
  • Decision-Level:
  • Sector:
    Planning and zoning
  • Additional Topic Areas:
    Bridges and roads, Programs, Reform
  • Determinants of Health:
    Clean air and water, Community safety, Family and social support, Income and wealth, Safe, affordable, and healthy housing
  • Affected Populations:
    Economically disadvantaged, Children
  • Community Types:
  • Research Methods:
    Primary research, Literature review, Qualitative research
  • Type of Funding:
    Health Impact Project grantee