Yavapai County Regional Mobility Management Implementation Plan


Yavapai County Regional Mobility Management Implementation Plan
Location Yavapai County Arizona
Organization Yavapai County Community Health Services

Yavapai County Community Health Services conducted an HIA of the Regional Mobility Management Implementation Plan for Yavapai County. The plan is designed to improve mobility and access within and around the county by addressing linkages between existing public transit services and improving infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. The HIA concluded that it would reduce the risk of obesity and chronic diseases and improve mental health and air quality. The report found that the plan would also improve the community’s economy, opportunities for social activity, access to medical care, and public safety.

Funded through the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Environmental Health.

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Downloads HIA Report
Downloads HIA Report
At A Glance
  • Status:
  • Publication date:
    2016, October
  • Decision-making levels:
  • Sectors:
    Planning and zoning, Transportation
  • Additional topic areas:
    Active transportation, Mental/behavioral health, Planning, Public transit
  • Drivers of health:
    Access to services/medical care, Clean air and water, Diet and physical activity, Family and social support, Safe and accessible active transportation routes, Safe and affordable public transit, Safe street infrastructure
  • Affected populations:
    Chronic health conditions, Economically disadvantaged, Older adults, Individuals with disabilities
  • Community types:
  • Research methods:
    Primary research, Qualitative research
  • Funding source:
    Other funding