Crisis and Change: Conversations With Leaders—Race and Diversity Today

Episode 107

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Crisis and Change: Conversations With Leaders—Race and Diversity Today
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Story: “Crisis and Change: Conversations With Leaders” is produced in partnership by The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Stanford Social Innovation Review. In the series, leaders from across the social sector share insights about how they are innovating during challenging times.

In this episode, Crystal Hayling, executive director of The Libra Foundation, and Sonal Shah, founding president of The Asian American Foundation, discuss their organizations’ work toward transforming the way race is discussed in America and how to improve understanding about racial concerns to lead to a more inclusive society.

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Crisis and Change: Conversations With Leaders

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Political polarization. Climate change. Racial reckoning. Income inequality. A global pandemic. Since 2020, all five of these immense challenges emerged or deepened, commanding our attention and prompting major societal and cultural shifts. How has the social sector responded and what’s coming next?