Local Initiatives Address Opioid Use Disorder

Community collaboratives aim to inform broader efforts to reduce overdose deaths and improve treatment

Local Initiatives Address Opioid Use Disorder

Opioid-related overdose deaths and related harms continue to devastate communities across the country, and local resources—including emergency medical services, law enforcement, and health care providers—are under immense strain to respond.

Understanding the most effective ways to prevent overdose deaths and provide treatment, while ensuring that communities have the resources to implement these strategies, is critical to curbing this public health crisis. That’s why Pew’s substance use prevention and treatment initiative is supporting six community research collaboratives that are committed to addressing the opioid crisis. These collaboratives are evaluating their local programs and will disseminate the findings, with the goal of encouraging the adoption of successful, innovative models nationwide and spurring state and local leaders to invest in evidence-based programs.

Learn more about the community research collaboratives below.

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