One Minute Dive

Discover the world’s oceans and the people who study them, one minute at a time. Our One Minute Dive film series highlights the world-class Pew marine fellows and their important work to address ocean threats and challenges. Dive with these scientists in the fiords of Chilean Patagonia, visit the seagrass meadows of Malaysia, or take a stroll on the seafloor with an Indonesian walking shark. We’ll post a new video each month.

One Minute Dive Series

Watch the Fastest Fish in the Ocean Fly By On Top of a Car
The sailfish—a type of marlin— is the fastest fish in the ocean. These fish move at an average speed of 40mph—that’s a whopping seven times faster than Olympic athletes swim. Pew marine fellow Steve Palumbi wants to see what a marlin looks like going 40 mph. Watch as he illustrates—on land—the speed of the fastest fish in the ocean. Plus, find out how these amazing animals are able to thrive in the deep and find food despite swimming at a such blinding speed.
Olga Filatova 
Aaron Fisk
Josh Cinner
E.J. Milner-Gullan
Rob Williams
Rob Williams
One Minute Dive
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