2015 National HIA Meeting Agenda

Highlights from the 2015 National HIA Meeting

2015 National Health Impact Assessment Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Speakers: Susan K. Urahn, Rebecca Morley, and Erin Marziale

Day 1

Plenary Panel: Advancing Equity in HIA Practice

Moderator: Becky Dennison

Speakers: Magdalena Avila, Becky Dennison, Jessica LeClair, Doran Schrantz, Julia Stanley, Sandra Witt

Day 1

Concurrent Breakout Sessions I

HIA 101: An Intro to HIA
HIA and Other Types of Impact Assessments
HIA and Criminal Justice
HIA and Energy
HIA and Public Housing: Examples Using HIA to De-Escalate Challenging Political Environments
Lessons Learned from an HIA of HUD’s Designated Housing Rule-Making
HIA in Transportation
HIA Effectiveness

Day 1

Lunch & Plenary Panel: HIA Recognition: Improving Community Health and Well-Being

Speakers: Annette Klinefelter, David Liners

Day 1

Concurrent Breakout Sessions II

HIA 101: Monitoring and Evaluation: Current Status and Opportunities for Improvement
HIA and Labor Policy
HIA and Community Development: Three Case Studies
Overview of International Trade Policy and HIA
Use of GIS in HIA Analysis
Tools for HIA
Student Health and Education: Case Studies from Three School-Related HIAs
HIA and Natural Resource Extraction

Day 1

Concurrent Breakout Sessions III: Working Groups

HIA 101: Scoping: The Building Blocks for HIA
Expanding the Role of HIA and Health Consideration across Federal Agencies
Incorporating Health Considerations into Community Development Projects—LEED
The Participatory Planning Process in HIAs: Strategies and Tools
Framing and Messaging About Equity in HIA
Connecting Community Development and Health Though HIA: An Evaluation of Three HIAs
HIA in the Policy Cycle Maze: Finding the Way through Vague Language and Unclear Directives

Day 1

Poster Session and Networking Reception

Day 1

Breakfast Roundtables

Chronicles of Health Impact Assessment: The Formation of a Journal
Monetizing Morbidity and Mortality in HIA
Hitting the Mark with HIA When the Policy Is a Moving Target
HIA in University Settings
Reoccurring Themes in HIA: Challenges and Countermeasures
Southeast Region: Building HIA Capacity in the Southeast
Screening Your HIA Topics
Branding HIA
The Time Is Now: Advancing the Practice of HIA at the State, Regional, and Federal Levels
The Face of HIA: Ensuring Diversity among HIA Practitioners
Integrating a Systematic Approach to Health in National Green Building Programs
SOPHIA Meet and Greet
National Association of County and City Health Officials Community of Practice

Day 2

Plenary Panel: Toward a Culture of Health: Embedding Equity and Health into Government Processes

Moderator: Julia Caplan

Speakers: Julia Caplan, Eileen Gunn, Pat Leahan, Renee Autumn Ray, Linda Wheaton

Day 2

Concurrent Breakout Sessions IV

HIA 101: Getting Out of the Weeds: Using Marketing and Communications to Advance the HIA Reporting Process
HIA With and Within Indigenous Populations
Approaches to Operationalize Health in All Policies
HIA and Comprehensive Planning in Rural Settings
HIA and Community Development in Massachusetts
Equity Metrics for Use in HIA Practice
Applying HIA to Natural Disaster Planning: Lessons from the Field
The Importance of Community Engagement in Environmental Planning Decisions

Day 2

Plenary Panel: Community Organizing and HIA: A Partnership That Results in Reduced Health Disparities

Moderator: Jonathan Heller

Speakers: Eric Ares, Jonathan Heller, Phyllis Hill, David Liners

Day 2

Concurrent Breakout Sessions V

HIA 101: Working Session
Institutionalizing HIA through the Local Health Department Network
Integrating Health Considerations into State Level Policy Making
HIA and Community Engagement from the Community Member Perspective
HIA and Community Engagement
Addressing Equity Analysis and Community Engagement at the Federal Level: Environmental
Justice Strategies, Lessons From the Field, and Opportunities for Advancement
Stakeholder Engagement at Multiple Levels of Decision Making
Methods of Assessment

Day 2

Closing Plenary and Fireside Chat

Moderator: Keshia Pollack

Speakers: Freddy Collier, Andy Dannenberg, Keshia Pollack, Pamela Russo, Azadeh Zohrabi

Day 2

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