National HIA Meeting 2013: General Session – Waterways and Human Health

National HIA Meeting 2013: General Session – Waterways and Human Health


Humans have long used rivers, lakes, and oceans in diverse ways. Clean water for drinking and access to fisheries attracted human societies since the earliest times. Cities grew up around water bodies that offered access to transportation and trade. Industries developed around ports, often making use of surface waters for disposal of waste. More recently, the recreational and scenic values of water bodies have created multiple demands on waterfront land. These changing and often conflicting uses have complex implications for human health. This session will explore several examples of HIAs that examined impacts on waterways.


Katrina Korfmacher, University of Rochester

Waterways and Human Health (HIA WET) (PDF)


BJ Cummings, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition

Recommendations to maximize health benefits, minimize impacts, and reduce health inequities of Proposed Duwamish River Cleanup Plan (PDF)

Jared Erdmann, Minneapolis Health Department

Above the Falls: Health Impact Assessment (PDF)

Brenda Rivera‐García, Icahn School of Medicine Mt. Sinai
Katia Avilés‐Vázquez, Corporación Proyecto ENLACE Caño Martín Peña

Health Impact Assessment of the Delayed Implementation of the Comprehensive Development Plan for Caño Martín Peña, San Juan, Puerto Rico (PDF)

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