National HIA Meeting 2013: General Session – Health in All Policies and HIA

National HIA Meeting 2013: General Session – Health in All Policies and HIA


The significance of target policies and indicators is becoming apparent in the institutionalization of HIA/HiAP. Presenters will discuss the role that targets and indicators play in health‐guided policy decisions, the advantages and drawbacks of using them, use of indicators in generalizing and comparing across communities, and the logistics of developing a common set of indicators. This session will focus on several instances in which stakeholders from multiple sectors were convened to identify priority data sources, leading indicators, and model practices.


Michelle Rushing, Georgia Health Policy Center


Tatiana Lin, Kansas Health Institute

Advancing Health in All Policies Efforts in Kansas (PDF)

Celia Harris, Human Impact Partners

Inserting health and equity indicators into California's climate change and transportation planning process (PDF)

Julia Caplan, California Department of Public Health

Health in All Policies: California's Story (PDF)

Suzanne Condon, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Evaluating the Use of HIAs to Facilitate the Promotion of Health in Policy Development in Massachusetts (PDF)

Tim Choi, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Nancy Goff, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

A Measurable Legacy: How HIA and HiAP Help Institutionalize Health‐guided Decision‐making Across Sectors with Key Policy and Health Indicators

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