National HIA Meeting 2013 - Breakout Session

HIA and Environmental Regulation

National HIA Meeting 2013 - Breakout Session


This session will explore several examples of the potential for HIAs to inform environmental independence regulation decisions. The presenters will share examples of several potential assessment points related to the environmental regulation process.


Suzi Ruhl, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


William Daniell, University of Washington

The Role and Need for HIA in Superfund Hazardous Waste Site Assessment (PDF)

Lauren Adkins, CSS‐Dynamic (Contractor to U.S. E.P.A)
Florence Fulk, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Tami Thomas‐Burton, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Region 4

U.S. EPA’s Health Impact Assessment of Green Infrastructure in the Proctor Creek Communities of Atlanta Georgia (PDF)

Ame‐Lia Tamburrini, Habitat Health Impact Consulting

Two Tales of HIA in Alaska (PDF)

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