National HIA Meeting 2012

HIA and the Built Environment

National HIA Meeting 2012


This session will explore the application of HIA to the built environment. Leading practitioners in the field will present details of their work.

Moderator: Andrew Dannenberg, Healthy Community Design Initiative, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Catherine Ross, Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, School of City and Regional Planning, College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

Aerotropois Atlanta: Brownfield Redevelopment HIA (PDF)

Brendon Haggerty, Clark County Public Health

Evaluation of an HIA on Clark County’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan (PDF)

Rachel Thornton, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Division of General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

Addressing Alcohol Outlet Density through an HIA of Baltimore City's Zoning Code Rewrite (PDF)


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Data-driven policymaking is not just a tool for finding new solutions for emerging challenges, it makes government more effective and better able to serve the public interest. In the coming months, President Joe Biden and the 117th Congress will tackle a number of environmental, health, public safety, and fiscal and economic issues—nearly all of them complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help solve specific, systemic problems in a nonpartisan fashion, Pew has compiled a series of briefings and recommendations based on our research, technical assistance, and advocacy work across America.