Philadelphia Policy and Research


Pew’s local policy and research work seeks to inform discussions on important issues facing the city and the region and to provide policymakers and other decision-makers with data, analysis, and examples of promising practices that may help them address key challenges.

To do this, Pew combines the capacity of our Philadelphia research initiative with our state- and national-level expertise on issues ranging from sustaining public pension systems and strengthening economic development incentives to delivering cost-effective corrections services and preventing and reducing opioid misuse. We also bring together city and regional stakeholders with experts and officials from around the country to discuss effective, evidence-based solutions being implemented in other jurisdictions and the impacts those reforms have had.

Key Issue Areas

Fiscal Health and Tax Policy
Opioid Crisis



Philadelphia Research Initiative

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Pew was founded in Philadelphia and we remain committed to the city, in part through the Philadelphia research initiative, which provides timely, impartial research and analysis to help Philadelphia’s citizens and leaders understand and address key issues facing the city.