Conservation Canada


Meet the Team

Peter Baker Director

Peter Baker directs Pew’s marine conservation work in Canada and also works with Pew’s global marine habitat team. The work includes protecting special habitats, encouraging ecosystem-based fisheries management, and addressing the entanglement of right whales in fishing gear. Since joining Pew, Baker has led efforts to establish science-based annual catch limits, protect forage fish, and safeguard sensitive marine habitats, including deep-sea corals.

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Leah Baumwell Principal Associate

Leah Baumwell helps to advance Pew’s marine conservation work in Canada, which focuses on protecting sensitive marine habitats, reducing entanglement of endangered whales, and ensuring sustainable fishing practices. Baumwell is based in Boston. Before joining Pew, Baumwell was a marine scientist for the International Game Fish Association. She was also a fisheries researcher for the University of Victoria, British Columbia, and for the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Baumwell holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and biology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and studied coastal and marine systems at Coastal Carolina University

Marci Cochran Senior Administrative Assistant

Marci Cochran focuses on supporting Steve Ganey, Pew’s vice president, environment, and head of the Portland, Oregon, office; the conservation Canada team; and cross-cutting functions. She coordinates the Portland office and also is a certified master recycler for the city of Portland, volunteering to educate the community about recycling. Before joining Pew, Cochran was the office manager for the Regional Arts & Culture Council in Portland, focusing on integrating the arts into the community. Cochran holds a bachelor’s degree in human development from Warner Pacific College and a master’s in communication from Regent University.

Katharine Deuel Principal Officer

Katharine Deuel helps to lead Pew’s marine conservation work in Canada, including its efforts to protect marine biodiversity through Indigenous-led conservation. Before working in Canada, she collaborated with Pew’s New England team and diverse stakeholders to ensure sustainable management of forage fish, protect deep-sea corals and other offshore habitat areas, and sustain New England’s iconic cod fishery.

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Tom Rudolph Officer

Tom Rudolph works with partners on Pew’s conservation Canada project to develop and advance marine conservation and resource management, including protected areas and sustainable fishing, with a focus on coastal and offshore British Columbia. He has also focused extensively on ocean issues in the United States, most recently helping to secure new prohibitions on most seabed mining in the state-managed waters off California and Washington state.

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Victoria Sheppard Senior Officer

Victoria Sheppard helps to lead Pew’s conservation Canada project in Ottawa (on traditional unceded territory of the Anishnaabeg people), where she works with partners to ensure progress toward Canada’s marine conservation goals, from marine protection to sustainable fishing to low-impact shipping. Previously, Sheppard spent two years as a manager with Pew’s ending overfishing in northwestern Europe and international fisheries northeast Atlantic campaigns.

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Gretchen Tearle Principal Officer

Gretchen Tearle leads Pew’s land conservation efforts in Canada, working with Indigenous leaders and organizations, conservationists, scientists, and businesses toward a shared vision of conserving the boreal forest in Canada—the world’s largest remaining intact forest and wetland ecosystem—for the benefit of current and future generations.

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