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We can achieve greater results by working with partners and sharing knowledge and resources to drive change. Pew welcomes collaborations with individual philanthropists and foundations that share our desire to take on important challenges and deliver measurable results.

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For more information about partnering with Pew or to make an investment, please contact Laura Lambert at [email protected] or 202-540-6525.

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Silky sharks are one of many marine species around Papahānaumokuākea

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Philanthropists work with Pew to make long-lasting, powerful, positive change.

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Partner With Us

Pew welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with individual philanthropists and foundations. For more than six decades, Pew has developed creative ideas and taken calculated risks—leading to policies that have improved people’s lives in tangible ways around the globe. Our experience has taught us that while public-spirited individuals and organizations can develop lasting solutions to the great challenges facing the world, they can achieve even greater success when they come together, share knowledge, and leverage resources.