Pew's David Becker Discusses the Electronic Registration Information Center

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Pew's David Becker Discusses the Electronic Registration Information Center

Hear Election Initiatives Director David Becker and IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist Jeff Jonas discuss the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and upgrading voter registration in the United States.

Watch and learn how ERIC’s data center is the only secure, sophisticated tool of its kind capable of fully bringing voter registration systems into the 21st century.

The video below is the full-length presentation. Viewing the video full-screen will allow you to view the following chapters:

0:13 - Let's Make Elections Run More Like Jiffy Lube

1:37 - Voter Lists are Inaccurate

3:28 - Voter Registration is Inefficient

4:33 - A Tale of Two Voters: Registration Varies in the States

5:40 - How do we Fix Voter Registration?

7:20 - The Technology Behind a Better Election System

11:10 - ERIC: The Future of Voter Registration is Here

You can also view the video on YouTube.

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