Chicago Public School Student-Chefs Treat Congress to Chicken Raised without Antibiotics

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Chicago Public School Student-Chefs Treat Congress to Chicken Raised without Antibiotics

HHIF_ChicagoPublicSchoolsCHef_325x_OWN_APStatement from Healthy Schools Campaign:

WASHINGTON -- Six high school students from the Chicago Vocational Career Academy today will serve Congress a lunch that features chicken raised without antibiotics, just like much of the chicken now on the menu in public schools back home. They are representing the Windy City in the Healthy Schools Campaign's Cooking up Change® competition among fellow students from across the United States. A healthy twist on a southern classic, their meal of oven-"fried" chicken with greens, cabbage, and sweet potato salad was produced for about one dollar per meal and in compliance with Chicago Public Schools' strict nutritional guidelines. It will be on the menu at cafeterias serving Congress and offered for tasting at a Congressional briefing.

Last November, Chicago Public Schools put scratch-cooked, unprocessed chicken raised without antibiotics on the lunch menu at 473 elementary and secondary schools. The district's pioneering purchase of 1.2 million pounds of locally-grown fresh drumsticks was made in recognition of the danger that the overuse of antibiotics in livestock production poses to public health and to children in particular.

"Cooking up Change helps students develop and use many skills," said Rochelle Davis, founder of Healthy Schools Campaign. "They learn about teamwork, planning, healthy eating, and working with a tight budget. This year, they're also learning how some farming practices affect the public's health and how we as consumers can encourage poultry producers to use antibiotics responsibly."

"We are beaming with joy for these smart young men and women," said Annie Lionberger, Manager of Health and Wellness Promotion, Chicago Public Schools. "I have been lucky enough to dine on this delicious meal, so I know our Cavaliers of CVCA will continue to make us proud."

"Healthy eating is important to me because it provides your body with the things it needs to function better," said Kaliah H., one of the members of the award-winning team of student-chefs at CVCA. "I look at school food more positively."
School Food FOCUS and the Pew Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming partnered with Chartwells-Thompson Hospitality (CPS' primary food service provider), Healthy Schools Campaign, Whole Foods, and Chicago Public Schools' purchase from Miller Amish Country Poultry of Orland, Indiana. They are now working to help other school systems make similar purchases.

"These students can teach all of us an important lesson about protecting public health for future generations," said Laura Stanley, Learning Lab Manager at School Food FOCUS. "We're inspired by their confidence, talent, and commitment to this cause, and we are honored to have them working with us."

"Our future health depends on using antibiotics conservatively, but some of the largest meat and poultry producers are overusing these drugs," said Laura Rogers, director of the Pew Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming. "We are grateful to Chicago Public Schools and the talented young students of CVCA for encouraging responsible meat and poultry production."

Eighty percent of U.S. antibiotics are sold for food animal production purposes. Most of these drugs are used not to treat sick animals, but to make healthy livestock grow faster and to compensate for unsanitary and overcrowded conditions. These practices are contributing to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can make people sick.

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