The Pew Charitable Trusts Donates $1 Million To Hurricane Relief Efforts

The Pew Charitable Trusts Donates $1 Million To Hurricane Relief Efforts

As Hurricane Katrina batters the southern United States, The Pew Charitable Trusts today is announcing an immediate $1 million contribution to the American Red Cross toward relief efforts for the 2005 hurricane season. This contribution will help provide urgent services to those who have been most effected by the devastation, ensuring access to food, shelter and medicine.

Trusts President and CEO Rebecca W. Rimel said she hoped the contribution would also serve as an early catalyst to jumpstart giving and urged philanthropies, corporations and individuals to be as generous as possible.

“While it is too early to know the full extent of the damage, it is clear that Katrina's legacy will be felt for many years by the those whose lives have been disrupted by this destructive event,” said Ms. Rimel. “Swift and generous giving in her aftermath can make a critical difference.”

“Since 1948, the Trusts has had a long partnership with the American Red Cross, which has a clear track record of serving those in need,” Ms. Rimel continued. “We encourage everyone to give as much as they can to assist millions of our fellow citizens as they rebuild their lives.”

The Pew Charitable Trusts serves the public interest by providing information, advancing policy solutions and supporting civic life. Based in Philadelphia, with an office in Washington, D.C., the Trusts will invest $204 million in fiscal year 2006 to provide organizations and citizens with fact-based research and practical solutions for challenging issues.