Steve Ganey

Steve Ganey
Steve Ganey
Senior Director
Lands and Ocean
The Pew Charitable Trusts


Steve Ganey oversees Pew’s work in regional marine and fisheries conservation. He directs projects to encourage the sustainable management of ocean fisheries, prevent the destruction of aquatic habitat, and encourage an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management and specific large marine ecosystems. He also overseas projects that work to conserve important areas in the Arctic and to protect U.S. public lands.

Ganey has more than a decade of experience in marine fisheries policy, research, and advocacy. He headed the Regional Marine Conservation Project, for which he provided strategic direction and oversight for a variety of U.S. marine preservation advocacy projects; was a senior staff member for the Pew Oceans Commission; and served as a fisheries conservation specialist and campaign manager for the Alaska Marine Conservation Council.

Ganey holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology-anthropology from Ripon College and a master’s in environmental studies from Evergreen State College.

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