Creating a Modern Outback

Valuing Nature and Sustaining People

Creating a Modern Outback

The Outback covers more than 70% of the Australian continent – the arid country of the centre and west, and the tropical savannas, wetlands and rainforests of the north.

“On an increasingly crowded planet, rapid industrialisation and population growth have destroyed many of the world’s natural wonders. The nature of the Outback has, however, remained largely intact through more than 50,000 years of human occupation and management. Substantial parts of the Outback, in fact, need more people, not fewer, living in and actively managing the land if it is to remain healthy,” says Pew Charitable Trusts Outback Australia program director Dr Barry Traill.

“Australia faces the challenge and the opportunity, to create a modern Outback that depends on nature, which in turn supports people, jobs and regional economies.”

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