State Profiles: Employer-Based Retirement Plan Access and Participation

Who's in and who's out

State Profiles: Employer-Based Retirement Plan Access and Participation

The 2016 Pew report Who’s In, Who’s Out: A Look at Access to Employer-Based Retirement Plans and Participation in the States examines the rates of access to and participation in private retirement savings plans in all 50 states. It also assesses the challenges facing policymakers, workers, and employers in ensuring that Americans have sufficient resources for retirement. The state-level summaries listed here show how employer-based retirement plan access and participation vary by characteristics such as firm size, worker age, and income. The analysis focuses on full-time, full-year, private sector wage and salary workers ages 18 to 64. For more detailed information, including breakdowns by industry and worker race and ethnicity, visit the full data visualization.

Alabama    Louisiana    Ohio 
Alaska    Maine    Oklahoma 
Arizona    Maryland    Oregon
Arkansas    Massachusetts    Pennsylvania 
California    Michigan    Rhode Island 
Colorado    Minnesota    South Carolina 
Connecticut    Mississippi    South Dakota 
Delaware    Missouri    Tennessee 
Florida    Montana    Texas 
Georgia    Nebraska   Utah 
Hawaii    Nevada    Vermont 
Idaho    New Hampshire    Virginia 
Illinois    New Jersey   Washington 
Indiana    New Mexico   West Virginia 
Iowa    New York    Wisconsin 
Kansas    North Carolina    Wyoming 
Kentucky    North Dakota     

Data Visualization

Employer-based Retirement Plan Access and Participation

Who’s in, who’s out

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Data Visualization

Workers in the United States accumulate the vast majority of their retirement savings through employer-based plans, but large gaps in coverage exist. Pew’s analysis shows that more than 30 million workers report they do not have access to an employer-based retirement plan

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