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Currently, Pew’s offices in Philadelphia; Washington, DC; Portland, OR; Brussels; and London are closed, as is the Pew Research Center, and staff are working remotely. Please contact us via email for an immediate response.

If you are a partner, grantee, or contractor, we understand that you may have questions or concerns due to ongoing disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. All Pew staff are working from home and we are doing our best to reach out to each of you to discuss how your organization is being affected. Please feel free to email your usual contact if you have not yet heard from us, and we hope you are well and safe.

At this time, we have cancelled all events, in-person meetings, and travel. However, we continue to respond to all inquiries:

To get information about one of our projects, or to contact an expert, please contact the communications officer listed on the relevant project page, or email [email protected].

To see a listing of job opportunities, or to apply for a job, please visit our career center.

To report a problem with our website, please email [email protected].

To learn more about our philanthropic partnerships, please contact [email protected].

For questions about events previously scheduled to take place at our Washington, D.C. conference facilities, please contact [email protected].


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