Transforming Evidence Funders Network (TEFN)

The Pew Charitable Trusts’ evidence project launched the Transforming Evidence Funders Network (TEFN) with the William T. Grant Foundation and other philanthropic partners in 2020. TEFN convenes public and private funders from around the world who are driving change in how evidence is generated, mobilized, and used to address complex societal challenges.

By leveraging funders’ existing efforts and shared priorities, TEFN aims to foster inclusive, impactful research, consistent evidence use in policy and practice, and collaborative problem-solving approaches that produce effective solutions and equitable outcomes. Many TEFN participants are invested in strategies that bring diverse groups together to identify problems and evidence-informed solutions. These engaged approaches allow practitioners, policy professionals, and community leaders to partner with researchers, weaving together their multiple forms of expertise.

Through TEFN, participants share strategies, resources, and insights about how they can use their funding to support effective evidence initiatives. They focus on areas in which coordinated action among funders might catalyze large-scale changes in research, policy, and practice to improve the chances that evidence is useful and used.

Grantmakers should contact Angela Bednarek at [email protected] to learn more about the network’s regular gatherings, workshops, trainings, and opportunities for co-investment.