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  • Winter 2022
  • Change for the Good
  • Superbugs: A Global Health Threat
  • Exploring Religion and Identity Politics in India
  • Change During Challenging Years
  • Cycles of My Being
  • Noteworthy
  • U.S. Household Growth Declined Over the Last Decade
  • Coastal States Seek to Limit Sea Wall Construction
  • What Does Driving Have to Do With Debt Collection?
  • Tools Can Boost Access to Online Legal Information
  • Return On Investment
  • Citizens Want Changes to Their Political Systems
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Winter 2022: Bridges to Progress
Winter 2022: Bridges to Progress
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Superbugs: A Global Health Threat

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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are multiplying. To stop them, we must preserve the drugs we have—and find new antibiotics now. Mary Millard lives with an antibiotic-resistant infection, caused by bacteria known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, that she acquired during heart surgery in 2014.

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Exploring Religion and Identity Politics in India

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Bounded on the north by the Himalayas, east by the Ganges River and Bay of Bengal, west by the otherworldly salt marshes known as the Rann of Kutch, and south by the spice-scented Cardamom Hills, India’s 1.4 billion citizens revere deities as diverse as their nation’s topography: the elephant-headed Ganesha, Allah of Islam, the protector-god Vishnu, Jesus, the Sikhs’ Waheguru, and many more.


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Learn the Basics of Broadband from Our Limited Series

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How does broadband internet reach our homes, phones, and tablets? What kind of infrastructure connects us all together? What are the major barriers to broadband access for American communities?

What Is Antibiotic Resistance—and How Can We Fight It?

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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, also known as “superbugs,” are a major threat to modern medicine. But how does resistance work, and what can we do to slow the spread? Read personal stories, expert accounts, and more for the answers to those questions in our four-week email series: Slowing Superbugs.