fishing boat on rough ocean waters
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Mettre fin à la surpêche en Europe du Nord-Ouest


Multi-Annual Plans

Multi-annual plans (MAPs) are at the heart of the European Union’s reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). They are designed to ensure the long-term sustainable management of fisheries and end the focus on short-term gains that has long plagued EU fisheries.  Negotiating multi-annual plans for these fisheries will be a delicate, technical, and political task, especially for mixed fisheries where several fish stocks are targeted at the same time. The plans lock stakeholders into taking and following measures for years to come in an effort to reverse the effects of decades of overfishing. To achieve this outcome, the MAPs must include robust objectives and safeguards that deliver on the CFP’s requirement to restore and maintain populations of fish stocks above biomass levels capable of producing maximum sustainable yield, the largest average catch that can be taken without having an impact on the long-term stability of the population.