Stacy Baez


Stacy Baez
Stacy Baez, Ph.D.
Senior Officer
Advancing Coastal Wetlands Conservation
The Pew Charitable Trusts


Stacy Baez is a senior officer with the protecting coastal wetlands and coral reefs project. She develops and manages the project’s scientific research portfolio to advance the protection and restoration of coastal wetlands and coral reefs. 

Baez has worked on science initiatives to enable the creation of large, fully protected marine areas worldwide, and she also worked to establish Caribbean shark sanctuaries. 

Before joining Pew, she worked at Oceana, conducting small-scale fisheries assessments in the Philippines, and at the U.S. National Science Foundation as a Knauss Fellow. Baez holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Morgan State University and a doctorate in oceanography from Old Dominion University.

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