Kil Huh

Kil Huh
Kil Huh
Vice President
Government Performance
The Pew Charitable Trusts


Kil Huh leads Pew’s work on fiscal and economic policy. Through research, technical assistance, and advocacy, he and his team help policymakers develop and adopt evidence-based policies that strengthen the finances of state and local governments and improve their outlook for long-term economic growth. These projects examine key trends in state finances and evaluate states on their performance, underscoring effective approaches and creating an environment for potential reforms. Huh also oversees Pew’s work on family economic security, which applies a rigorous, analytical approach to the study of Americans’ financial wellbeing and economic challenges, including consumer finance, retirement security, and repayment of student debt.

Before joining Pew, Huh was director of policy and consulting for the Fannie Mae Foundation, where he previously managed the foundation’s state and local initiatives.

Huh holds a bachelor’s degree in urban regional studies from Cornell University; a master’s in urban planning from New York University; and a master’s in philosophy and a doctorate in urban planning from Columbia University.

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