Deer silhouettes against mountain backdrop

Chilean Patagonia


Chilean Patagonia
Chile’s Patagonia region is one of the world’s last largely intact natural areas. From its icy glaciers and pristine hardwood forests to its long, rugged coastline and wild fjords, this region remains remarkably untouched. Yet part of its iconic image also lies in the strength and culture of its people.

Hundreds of islands, estuaries, and channels provide critical plant and wildlife habitat, but these world-class natural resources do not enjoy the world-class protections they deserve. The coming decade offers an opportunity to implement proactive conservation measures that can ensure the region’s sustainability for years to come.

Pew is partnering with a robust network of nongovernmental organizations, universities, and government agencies in Chile to enhance the protection of this area through the country’s park and reserve system, while also promoting public-private partnerships for new conservation efforts. Together, we are working to develop and implement policies to secure the long-term protection of this remarkable region.

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