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People are living and working longer—changing the world


  • Winter 2018
  • Generations: People are living and working longer—changing the world
  • Six Generations Moving Forward Together
  • Crunch: Definining Generations
  • Foreword: How Are Generations Named?
  • The Generation Gap
  • Getting More From a Longer Life
  • Five Questions: Teaching the Next Generation
  • Lessons From the Greatest Generation
  • As the World Ages
  • Generation X and the American Dream
  • Millennials Aren’t Kids Anymore
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In this edition, we explore the natural outcome of modern advances in science and medicine: People are living longer, bringing us to a new point in human history. In the United States, that means there are now six distinct generations existing side-by-side, each formed by different times and events. This complex interaction offers opportunities and challenges, which our essayists tackle here.

"No matter your age, read along and discover how multiple generations have weathered changes, overcome obstacles, and seized opportunities as they forge their futures."

Rebecca Rimel, President and CEO The Pew Charitable Trusts
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